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Far from Home: A travel for PhD

Far from Home: A travel for PhD

My life experiences have taught me one thing: always expect the unexpected. I am Anay Ajit Deshpande, pursuing my PhD in University of Padova, Italy. But this story is not about my time in Italy, it is about the moments leading up to it. Scene 1: Scrawny Little Child Born and raised slightly outside of…

Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces

I. MOTIVATIONS Beyond 5G and 6G networks have introduced higher and stricter Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), such as guaranteed data rate of 1 Gbps and guaranteed delay of 1μs. It has also combined with increase in data traffic by 55% every year leading to around 5,016 exabytes (5.3×109 Gbps), as well as data rates increase…